About Us

Enhancing your perception

Good Health is beyond body and Happy life is beyond existing.

We are here to cater you that extra 'beyond' .

We will walk by your side every mile that takes you towards your destination of beyond basics.

BE ALIVE with Be Alive

Our Vision

Nervous about seeking help for your mental health requirements? You do not have to be anymore. Allow me to take you to a virtual tour to the services we provide.

What’s cooking? Good looking! Want to know what would you receive here? Here’s all that you want to know. You will be receiving a pie of a happy life with a cherry of satisfaction on top.

Want to know more? Here are the ingredients for the same.

We bake the pie of happiness with a lot of counseling therapies for all the different flavors of the life. We then add some right number of proteins, nutrients, vitamins with the help of our pediatricians and nutritionists. We also mix in some great ingredients like meditation therapies, relationship, parenting and family therapies along with a pinch of career and life coaching too.

We then mix all the ingredients in the right amount and bake it with a lot of love, music, fun sessions, seminars, interactive sessions and then do the dressing with some crispy chocolaty and juicy sprinkling of new perspectives and of course the cherry of satisfaction.

 I am sure your brain and tongue both feel the desire to come be a part of the community we are building, the community of happy and healthy mind, soul and body.

Why us?

“Who’s there?”
“Your brain”

“My brain?”

“Yes, and I am no joke, don’t take me like one!”
We Indians often want to get returns more than what we have
invested for. And it is okay to desire for more, after all it keeps our
hopes alive isn’t it?

What if I tell you, you are investing only for mental health and
getting benefits of physical health, spiritual health, psychological health,
happy family, better career solutions, better parenting skills, better
development for your children, the list goes on. Isn’t this so amazing? I
think this is the best gift I can give to my life, what do you reckon? Here’s
how you can get all of it from just one company. Well right company is
all it takes!

As it is always said, a better mind helps in keeping the body better.
BE ALIVE – Beyond Existing! Is a mental health care company, here to
keep your brain and heart healthy. We are all humans, and having issues
is very normal and uncertain part of all our lives. However, to be able to
crawl back to the pre-crisis period is all we want. We are here to help
you combat all your mental health issues. While we stand strong by your

side motivating, inspiring, and guiding your path towards your solutions.
Providing to you happier, healthier life ahead, mentally, physically and

Just like the stomach is the pathway towards a happy heart,
the mind is the pathway towards a happy body, soul and life. We are
here to cater you with all your requirements right from when a child is
in the mother’s womb till a person’s declining years. Just existing is
too off beat, so come be alive with BE ALIVE. We are here to help
you live far beyond just existing.

Are we official ?

iso certified


Central Vigilance commission