I don’t get time to rest!

I am a homemaker and I also work in a 9 to 5 job. My schedule has been so packed for so many years now that I do not remember how it feels to be resting. It has almost been a decade that I have taken time to spend with myself alone. Even the thought of being happy alone or resting by myself. Other than the routine night sleep of 6 hours, resting used to make me feel guilty. I feel guilty because I felt like I was not giving my hundred percent to the commitments. I failed to understand, that the biggest commitment was to keep myself happy and healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have started taking little steps to make my situation better, I request all the strong people out there to do so too. Resting doesn’t make your growth slow or take you a step backward. It rather gives you the space to get stronger. I started with bringing changes in my habits and routine. I gave importance to 15-minute naps just like I gave importance to night sleep. I started spending time on weekends or other holidays, alone, for myself and with myself. No doubt it was difficult in the beginning. More than getting used to the habit, convincing myself to do it guilt-free was tough. The best part was I did not give up, and now I feel a lot more rested and fresh all the time. Tell me in the comments below how do you rest and how important it is for you.

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