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Have you ever been in a situation very low, painful, and difficult? We all have. How have you faced it? Or got through it? I am sure we all have different ways of doing it. Nevertheless, the psychology behind it says something else. It says that there can be only two ways a person faces his/her issues. Yes, it is only two ways that sum it up. Firstly – The person tries to overlook the cause, depth, and consequences and just attacks themselves to get through it. In such conditions, the person just tries to console themselves about getting over a situation. Overworking in the gym to get over a break-up can be one of the examples of it. In the second situation, the person chooses to heal. Healing is not an easy path; however, it is always a path worth walking. It is a path that includes accepting the pain, dealing with everything that comes along in the process, suffering, and feel all the feelings that come through. And then, learn its causes, consequences, and all the lessons that it brings along. This is the way to overcome the sufferings one goes through. You cannot put a Band-Aid to a wound that is deep in the body, the process to heal is different. Similarly, when the pain is deep, the process to heal will be different too. This process might be a little longer and difficult but does not fail to bring to you your peace.

Share your views and tips to overcome pain.

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