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Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder, also known as ASD; is an intense,

unpleasant and dysfunctional reaction beginning shortly

after an overwhelming traumatic event and lasting less

than a month. Ever witnessed a tragic accident that left

you numb? So numb that every time you passed by that

route, you could sense the pain of that incident. So

numb, that you could visualize the whole thing over and

over. So numb, that you could see the blood on the road

every time you passed by. So numb, that you could not

really sleep well for a lot of days. If you ever witnessed

any such thing that kept you traumatized, it might be so

because it was ASD.

ASD has both physical and mental impact. Few of the

major symptoms are as follows;

  • Wanting to be alone

  • Low mood

  • Feeling emotionally numb

  • Recurring unpleasant flashbacks

  • Poor sleep

  • Aggressive or reckless behavior

  • Irritability

Some of the physical symptoms also include;

  • Nausea – a feeling of sickness

  • Chest pain

  • Abdominal pain

  • Headaches

  • Breathing difficulties.

An individual can have these symptoms for other reasons

as well and can also have these symptoms without

having ASD.

The basic self-help tips to overcome the same are;

  • Regular exercise

  • Re-balancing work and home

  • Connecting with supportive people

  • Carve out hobby time

  • Meditation or yoga

  • Sleep enough

We often overlook the little symptoms in our daily life.

Maybe that is the reason we complain of having unstable

mental health. Late better than never, set your priorities

right and focus on things that are really important.

Mental health is one among st them, take care of it well.

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