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Anxiety? It’s okay.

I was a very smart and studious child during my schooling. I was fairly good at sports and other curricular activities as well. All my relatives were fond of me and all of this made my parents proud of me. I never gave all of this a thought until I was in 12th grade. I started realizing that this is how I am, these aren’t as special as everyone tries to portray it to be. It would all stay the same if I hadn’t started thinking about it that deep. I started getting anxious about it. I thought I would not be loved or respected the same if I would not maintain the consistency of my grades and marks. Remember Raju Rastogi from the movie 3 idiots? I was the idiot in my life. I started focusing on the “what will happen if I fail?” rather than believing in my strengths and enjoying the process. I started feeling anxious about every little thing and started panicking even when others people achieved something more than me.

I took up Anxiety Therapy when I realized that I was losing myself. It is really helping me a lot and I am very grateful. I am very proud of myself for going against the society’s stigma and getting out of my bubble to take up the therapy. I am recovering, and it shows in my lifestyle.

I shared my story because I know it is not always easy for all of us. However, to be in the same situation or to get you some help is always just a decision away. Therapies are to help people and to take help is never wrong.

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