Are memories for smile or pain?

Memories are the collection of things, events or activities

happened in the past. Some make you happy, some sad.

Some you want to forget, some you love to hold onto.

The necessary part is to be able to identify what to do

with which memory. It is never easy, it always is just

important. How would you choose which memory has to

be held onto and which to let go of? Every boat has an

anchor that holds it back from sailing. The anchor makes

the boat stay still where it is. Memories are also like an

anchor to the mental health. There are times you want to

stay still and constant. There also are times when moving

is the most important. You choose what is best for you.

The better version of your life is just one decision away.

Every boat has it’s time to sail away and so does every

memory. Tell us in the comments below how relieved

have you felt after letting a memory sail.

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