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Every face is two faced!

Looking at the topic of the blog, most of you would have

thought of someone you dislike for being two faced. It is not

what you think. In this context, them, you, and me; we are all

two faced. We have a different face when we are surrounded

by people and a different one when alone. Agree or agree?

There are different perspectives to understand this concept. Let

us first understand the psychological concept behind it. When a

person is surrounded by other people, he/she tends to get self-

conscious about their own self. It is not people who are judging,

it is own self who thinks about what the consequences might

be if being judged. People are different, some judge where as

some do not even notice others. In both the cases, the

assumption sure is made by self of “what will people think of


There undoubtedly are people who also live their life on their

own terms, without thinking of what others say or think about

them. But then again this is their personality they created for

the world and self, which is different from the real self.

Sounds too complicated? Let’s take different perspectives as

example to understand this better.

There was a boy who was really quiet, calm, and soft-spoken at

home. He was not scared of anyone, nor was he acting to be

like that. This is how he was. He always respected and obeyed

everyone at home. He also stood strong with his opinions

whenever required, yet always softly and calmly. He was pretty

much the same at college. Alongside, he was very sarcastic

during lectures and college. The same person was loud, fun,

and very outgoing with his particular group of friends. And the

same person again was very bold and strong when it came to

work and office.

Should he be termed as split personality? No, of course not.

Should he be distinguished between introvert and extrovert?

No, let us not even get there, which is a whole different


This is just how most humans are. This is how our personalities

in front of different people are. It is not wrong to behave

different as per the requirements, it is wrong to behave

different against the requirement. Do not mask your

personality; rather focus on portraying the right aspect of your

personality in different situations.

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