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Isn’t privacy legal?

Privacy or piracy?

We have enormous variety of things that can be

cooked. Yet, people end up cooking stories every

time. The sad part is that these stories do not really

taste good. They are most of the times hurtful and

saddening. The actors of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah

Chashmah’ - Raj Anadkat and Munmun Dutta have

been accused of being in a relationship just because

they posted a selfie together on social media? Is that

all? It is really easy to make fake news for the sake

of TRP. But why don’t the people who cook all this

up understand that these things can break

someone’s mental peace! They entertain us on

screen, but the life is not a stage where they are

supposed to entertain us, let them live their life the

way they want to. There were so many trolls and

tweets making fun of the whole thing that happened

and they were accused to be in a relationship. And

not just that, there were also trolls showing worry for

the character Jethalal and not the character of Iyer.

This shows how pathetic mental conditioning our

people have.

Social media was made to help people not to hurt

people. Is it fair on their part to use anything so tiny

against their whole mental health? Why doesn’t

anyone imagine the repercussions a troll might

bring? It can make no harm or can take a life too.

I strongly believe that every person on social media

should take care of the fine line between sarcasm

and insult. Moreover, nobody has the rights to insult

someone, no matter how public their career is, their

life always stays private. Just because one cannot

afford to make organic content, doesn’t mean they

make fake pirated content out of anything random


Have you ever been trolled on social media or

otherwise? Let us know in the comments below.

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