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It was a pleasant day. The garden was filled with beautiful colorful flowers and butterflies. The fragrance of the garden was beyond words. It was a happy environment. The little birds on the nearby tree were singing melodies that were heavenly to a human ear. But there was this tiny little caterpillar that was mourning sadness. The other butterflies and birds stopped by it and tried to figure out the issue. The caterpillar said it was not beautiful enough like other beings. It was also upset for not being able to fly up to the trees like birds. Everyone around laughed at this cute little being. The caterpillar was astonished to see all the reactions. It questioned the rest about their quirky reactions. Butterfly tried to explain to it with a sweet smile, that it also will grow up to be a very beautiful butterfly in some days. It also explained that if it was meant to be on top of trees, it would not be born in-between the pretty flowers. The birds don’t complain of not being able to roar, they rather sing melodies in the voice they have and make the best of it. Dogs don’t complain of not being able to fly, because their journey is to walk. This applies to humans as well. Do not become unhappy for not being able to do something others do. Rather focus on the things you are good at. Focus on your journey and become better than your past self.

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