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Mental health, a lifestyle!

I usually start all my articles or blogs by taking a ride back in the

past. This one’s no different.

Do you all remember the first time you brushed your teeth?

Most of us don’t. But most of us do remember that age where

we were not toddlers but not grown up too. Probably around 4

to 5 years. That was when most of our parents made sure we

learn to brush teeth as a part of habit and not as fun anymore.

That is the age where parents focused more on the “habits” we

cultivate as individuals. Though brushing teeth is just a 5

minutes task every day, parents made sure we did it regularly,

without skipping it at all.

Due respect to all the creativity in the advertisements; brushing

teeth one day would not make your teeth shine bright as a tube

light. Brushing teeth once will neither give you freedom from

cavities. Then why do we do it? And that too twice every day.

We do so because it is a part of our hygiene habits.

Our habits are the only thing that defines our lifestyle. Yes, our

lifestyle is way beyond the kinds of places we eat food in or the

kinds of cars we travel in. Lifestyle is about those things we do

on a routine basis, be it noticeable or not. Those habits define

us and that my friend, is the true essence of one’s lifestyle.

Mental health is no different. Having the same mood every day

is not really in our hands, but having control over how we react

to it surely is in our hands. And it comes only and only with

bringing mental health into a major lifestyle consideration. Only

when you consider it as being so important as to make it a part

of your lifestyle, it will result in a better mental state in life.

Results will take time; there is no second opinion in it.

However, the process will be equally fruitful. Best mental

health is not a pre-determined status or qualification, it is a

journey, process, and as said earlier lifestyle.

If you feel this is the right way of living life, by bringing in

important things into your lifestyle and want to know how you

can bring it into practice, then stay tuned. We will surely bring

details of it in upcoming blogs.

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