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Mental health, joke?

How cool is it to live in this amazing country where we have

vibrant culture, beautiful traditions, the most delicious food,

the parents who take care of their child even after it is 25, and

also where nobody really cares about mental health! Wow!

I remember how my mom always made me wear extra layers of

clothing when winters began. She always made sure that I had

cotton in my ears before I left home. She also always put

raincoat along with the lunch bag during rainy season, though I

came back home in school van. And every summer, she

shopped for cotton wears with light colors.

Every time I refused of having milk, mom made sure she would

talk me into having it, sometimes she even scolded me for it.

Dad was very particular about eating greens and fruits. And I do

not even want to open the door of how my grandma made me


I also remember this one incident, when I had fallen down

while playing. I had fractured my arm and sprained my ankle.

The whole family made sure I visited the doctor regularly, ate

all that was instructed, and of course the prescribed medicines.

The shocking part was, my siblings were instructed to be very

nice and sweet to me, and they did!

I also remember my first MENTAL BREAKDOWN, I was in my 9 th

grade, there was this huge misunderstanding in my group and

suddenly, everyone stopped talking to me in the whole school. I

was always the most fun and “go-to” friend of everyone. Back

then I never realized that it was a “mental breakdown” all I

knew that I was just not feeling good about anything in life. I

felt like my life was coming to an end.

Everyone in the family noticed how drastically my behavior had

changed. I even tried to talk about it to my siblings and parents.

The only response I got every time was “don’t make a big deal

of these fights, it is just another silly friendship fight”

I wanted to scream, cry, shout and tell everyone that, “No it

isn’t a silly fight, it is about the truth, it is about my dignity, it is

about my mental health, it is about my real self” and I also

wanted to tell that, “yes it is a big deal, yes everything that is

important to me is a big deal to me, yes real friendships are

important, beyond misunderstandings.”

But I couldn’t. I could never tell or discuss anything regarding

that or any other mental or emotional health related issue to

anyone in my entire life again. Because that is what maximum

people in our country face when it is about mental health, don’t


Have you ever in your entire life faced any mental health issue

that has been the reason why you are the way you are now?

Tell us in the comments below.

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