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Mental Health of our generation

As promised in the answer of a question in our

Mental Health Quora – we are giving a detailed

answer of the question in our blog.

The question being – “What is the issue for our

generation to have such bad mental health as a


This is undoubtedly a very apt and deep question.

Hence, we decided to not just answer it on quora but

also write a blog about the same.

The first thing here is to understand that it is very

important for every person to know and understand

what mental health is. To accept the fact that there

really is something called mental health and it is

important to people regardless of age, gender or

generation. And clearly, we as a society lack that.

We lack to acknowledge the fact that mental health

is important. We also lack accepting that mental

illness is just as any physical illness that can be

cured if not run away from it.

The next important thing to consider is Nature and

Nurture of an individual. The nature we are growing in

today does not actually have anything natural left. It

affects our mental health to a very bad extent. And the

nurturing we have is filled with so many things, where

our parents do not value or acknowledge our emotions.

And it all actually starts right there.

This actively demonstrates that it is the issue to be

keenly taken care of.

How do you think we as a generation can work towards

better mental health? Tell us in the comments below.

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