Prasann mann meelo chalta jaata hai...

Why is being happy important?

There is this Hindi quote that says, “Prasann mann meelo chalta jaata hai, udaas mann kuch kadam chal kar hii thak jaata hai!”. It means, the one who is happy can go miles and not be tired, the sad one can get tired in a few steps.

To be happy does not mean to not feel other emotions at all. To be happy means to respect and feel every other emotion equally but also not hold on to any of those. Do you know why are waterfalls so beautiful? Because waterfalls do not check if water is cold, hot, salty, sweet, clean or dirty. It just lets it flow. That’s the beauty of the waterfall. Now think your life being waterfall and all your emotions being water. You now know what can make your life beautiful.

I know it is not always easy to let go of some emotions or some hard feelings. But what good are they doing in your head anyways? Take your time, feel them all, feel the process, analyze the causes and also how much it has affected your life. Feel it all, learn from it, move on and grow in your life. Cheers to life. I hope this will give you the energy to make your waterfall as beautiful as you are.

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