Rewire your anxious brain

Do you worry too much? Are you often sad or down in the dumps? Do you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Or maybe you avoid people more than you should.

If so, you’re probably dealing with some type of anxiety. Anxiety darken the vision and distort thinking while draining joy and pleasure from life. Everyone feels sad or worried from time to time. Unpleasant feelings are a normal part of life. But when anxiety interferes with your work, play, and/or relationships, it’s time to act.

Let us see the different types of Anxiety (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth edition)

· Generalized Anxiety

1. Frequent worry about school, your health or the health of your loved ones, or bad things happening in the world

2. Feeling tense or restless, having difficulty concentrating, or having trouble falling asleep at night due to worry

3. Frequent stomachaches, headaches, or muscle tension

· Phobias

1. Fear and avoidance of elevators, heights, storms, or water

2. Fear of certain animals or insects

3. Unreasonable fear of needles, blood, choking, or vomiting

· Social Anxiety

1. Uncomfortable shyness or fear of doing or saying something embarrassing

2. Panic when having to give an oral presentation or be the center of attention

3. Difficulty starting or joining in conversations with others

· Panic Attacks

1. Feeling frightened suddenly or for no apparent reason

2. Racing heart, trouble breathing, or dizziness

· Separation Anxiety

1. Avoiding being away from home or people who are important to you

2. Worry that something terrible might happen to people who are important to you when you are away from them

3. Frequent calling or texting to make sure people you care about are okay

4. Now you have a better idea of the different types of anxiety.

I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed by this list. Sometimes names and labels can feel scary, especially if you are anxious to begin with. You may be thinking that this means there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you that you can’t fix. The purpose of naming the types of anxiety you may suffer from is to give you specific and powerful tools that will help you manage your anxiety and gain confidence to live the life you want. Unfortunately, many people suffer from Anxiety. Over the years, I’ve known many clients, friends, and family members who have anguished over anxiety or depression, but most of them have found significant relief.

So, if you struggle with anxiety, you’re not alone. I join you in your battle by giving you research-based strategies and plenty of practice opportunities to help you defeat sadness and overcome anxiety.

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