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Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Hello humanity? Where you at?

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

-Howard Zinn

No, this is not another blog on what can you do for the people of Afghanistan. Yes, this is still a blog about the same political incident, with no politics involved.

We are all well aware of how the situation in Afghanistan is. Without digging deep into all the political conditions, here is an overview of the incident. The Taliban is an Islamic Fundamental Force that has of course forcefully entered Afghanistan recently. What did the Afghans do to save their country? Nothing. Yes, they did nothing and there are a few reasons for it, the reasons are; Corruption, Poor leadership, Lack of training in the Army, and low morale. Yes there was a lack of all these, the Leader of the country ran away and the major part of the army also got deserted, it was so because they were threatened by the Taliban to do so, if not their families would be killed. No doubt the Taliban took an advantage of their low morale and planned these psychological operations instead of declaring a direct war.

Why are we, a mental health company writing such blogs? Because it is trending? No. Because it has some connection? Yes.

It is a very sick mentality. And not just of the Taliban but almost all the politicians around the globe, to have all the power. To make everyone else the slave. To rule is their ultimate desire, be it with people’s happiness or not.

Do we all realize ultimately who is at loss? Afghanistan or the Taliban? Neither, yes neither of the two. It is, us the common people of every country, regardless of who face the losses and all other consequences.

Just the bad mental state of a few leaders or forces can lead to these huge disasters. It is high time we educate our generation on the importance of mental health, humanity, and harmony. I am sure it is easier than teaching them violence. It is easier than teaching them hate.

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