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Did you know there are three types in your mind? No, I am not

talking about the cerebrum, cerebellum, and medulla.

According to psychology, the mind has three types; Emotional

mind, rational mind, and wise mind. The way a person reacts or

responds to a situation can be determined by the type of mind

they use for the same. It is applicable to any and every situation

in one’s life.

Let’s say you have to leave abroad because you got an

amazing job offer. The pay is great, so are the other perks and

incentives. The job also has a great scope for growth. However,

to make a decision you want your parents and your partner’s


If you decide to stay back because your parents and or

partner do not want to let you go, your decision is taken by the

emotional mind. If you want to focus on the pay and leave

regardless of who agrees or not, your rational mind is playing

its role. If you try to convince your parents to go along with you

and your partner that a few years of long-distance relationship

can be pulled off until you are settled in your careers and then

you can think of future plans. This kind of neutral decision can

be taken using your wise mind.

1. The emotional mind - This is the type of mind that focuses

only on the emotional part of the situation. It does not think

right and wrong beyond emotions. Nothing seems hard for this

mind if the emotions are not harmed.

2. The Rational mind - Rational mind is the one that focuses

only on the logical part of the situations. Regardless of how

much harm can the decisions do to the emotions of a person;

the decisions made by this mind are only logical.

3. The Wise mind- The wise mind is the one that does not

come easy. It is a result of the constant and conscious practice

of mindfulness. It is a combination of both emotional and

logical thoughts and the outcome is very neutral.

There is no mind that is less or more important. It is the

situation that plays a major role. And to act right in the right

situation is the only need.

Learning the outcomes of all three can help you switch

between the three and act accordingly.

The idea behind sharing the three types of minds was to help

you learn about them and choose the right one in every

required situation.

Tell us in the comments how helpful were these. You can also

ask questions regarding the same.

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