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Who are we becoming?

Let me start with “once upon a time…” in this blog.

I was a very pampered and loved kid since the early days. “You

were very different in childhood,” they all say but do not have

any answer in particular when asked “how?” and probably the

reason behind it is they understand that they lost the original

me then only.

I think that is the major mistake all parents do when they raise

a child. Every child born is unique and parents make them very

common among st the crowd they are surrounded by. When a

child sees a knife for the first time, it doesn’t know it is harmful,

it doesn’t fear a knife. But as parents, instead of teaching a

child that a knife is a sharp object, one should stay safe around

it; they use it as a mechanism to scare a kid when it doesn’t eat

or listen to them.

This doesn’t just happen when it is about a knife and the early

days of a child. This is how most upbringings in our country are,

and where an individual is a child until his/her parents die!

Who said crying is wrong or weak? Yes, the parents, and to

them their parents, and to them theirs. They just decide what is

wrong and what is right, without even asking or teaching

anything to kids. It might be love, possessiveness, concern, or

anything for that matter. But all it does is, take away the real,

pure self of an individual.

Parents fear that their children might get influenced by friends

or others; which is a right concern but ultimately they also do

the same and influence their child to be what they want their

child to be.

And then, this becomes a never-ending loop where an

individual is most of the time relying on others to think,

understand, and decide things. Be it family, friends, partners,

colleagues, or whoever.

This of course is a very deep-rooted practice in our society

which we cannot instantly change. We however can take little

steps for ourselves and try to rely more on ourselves than

others. Give others enough space to breathe their thoughts and

take their decisions. And also try to let our kids grow as an

individual they are.

How far do you relate or agree to this context? Tell us your


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